The quintile analysis report gives you the ability to delve deeply into where your students are applying and results based on academic cohort.  Enrollment mix and admission rate breakdowns are summarized in the first two pages of the report, followed by detailed quintile breakdowns. 

For each academic quintile, rank, GPA and test score bands are provided, as well as a list of every institution that was applied to by students in that quintile complete with application, admittance and enrollment detail.


Intended Uses

  • Assess how enrollment mix and admission rates are impacted by academic performance
  • Explore the types of schools students in each academic quintile are applying to and how successful they’ve been in gaining admission
  • Give visibility to what’s happening with weaker students to ensure they are being sufficiently supported

Common Questions

How do you determine academic quintile?

Academic quintile is determined by class rank, weighted GPA or unweighted GPA in that order.

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