What’s new in College Kickstart - September 29

  • New Assured Admission capability.  Several public universities we cover offer assured admission to applicants meeting certain eligibility criteria. This release of College Kickstart now automatically checks to see if eligibility criteria appear to have been satisfied, and if so, categorizes the institution as a likely school for you. Schools currently supported include: Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Oklahoma State, University of Arizona, University of Nevada - Reno and Washington State University.

  • Updated early admission graphic.  Check out the new battery icon in the early admission tab. This will give you a visual cue for how strong the boost is for your early admission schools without getting too fixated on the actual percentages.  

  • Support for the new UPenn restrictive early decision policy...not! The University of Pennsylvania introduced a new restrictive early decision policy earlier this summer that was subsequently reversed.  So we've done the same.  If you're planning to apply to UPenn ED, please rerun Kickstart so you'll once again have the ability to apply to private schools early action if there are any on your list.

To see the changes, please clear your browser cache and rerun College Kickstart. 

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