What's new in College Kickstart - February 29, 2016

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In this release, we added several regional colleges and universities, updated admissions data and changed in terminology—"safety" schools are now "likely" schools.

"Safety" is now "Likely"
With this release we've introduced a change in nomenclature: "safety" schools are now called "likely" schools.  We made the change after hearing concerns from many of you "safety" connoting certainty of admission.  Apart from the word choice, our definition of a safety/likely school remains the same: it's a school where over 50 percent of applicants are admitted and where an applicant's academic performance puts him/her in the top quartile of the previous year's entering class.

Expanded regional coverage.
This release adds several regional colleges and universities, including Appalachian State, Bryant University, The College of Charleston, Colorado Mesa University, High Point University, Loyola University of Chicago, Quinnipiac University, Rider University, Eugene Lang (New School), Trinity University, UNC Wilmington, Washington State University and Winthrop University.  Thanks to all for your suggestions!  

Updated Class of 2019 admissions data. 
We continue to monitor our coverage universe for updated admissions data.  A steady stream of institutions are now rolling out the 2015-16 version of the Common Data Set (Class of 2019) and now over 50 percent of our coverage universe is on this foundation. As regular decision admission results start to surface for the Class of 2020, we'll begin the process of reconciling the data with the corresponding early admission results and update our database accordingly.  As always, be sure to check the commentary at the bottom of the School Details tab to track where the data is coming from. 

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