What determines my list grade?

Your list grade is determined by the mix of schools in your list and how well balanced it is.  Here's College Kickstart goes about it:

  • Each school is categorized into likelies, targets, reaches and unlikelies based on its selectivity and your academic performance relative to its students
  • The resulting mix of schools is compared against a reference standard. We like to see at least 2 likelies, 3-5 targets and 2 reaches in your list.  It's really important to make sure you have that core of likely and target schools to avoid disappointment come April.
  • Your list is assessed and graded accordingly.  If your list is balanced, you'll get an A.  If it needs work, it'll be lower.  The good news is that College Kickstart will tell you how to take corrective action AND make it easy to do so using its MixFixer feature.



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