How are qualitative factors taken into consideration?

    As much as we’d like to, qualitative factors such as special talents, special circumstances, the strength of personal statements and recommendations are not considered. We only focus on factors that can be measured such as standardized test scores, GPA and rank. These factors typically act as the first filter in the admissions process and can be used effectively for directional guidance.

    College Kickstart does, however, enable counselors to adjust the suggestion of the college/university of the student's list and place a reason for the change by using the Counselor Adjustment feature.

    For students, we always recommend using College Kickstart in conjunction with your high school or indepedent college counselor who can consider the bigger picture.

    For college counselors, we like to think that we provide the science to college planning so you can focus on the art of college planning. You can leverage our data and recommendations in the context of the bigger picture of your students' qualitative considerations.

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