What’s new in College Kickstart - June 16, 2017

This release includes substantial updates to our college database:

  • 23 schools have moved to Class of 2021 admission rates, including: American, BC, BU, Bowdoin, Brown, Claremont McKenna, Cornell, Duke, GWU, Georgetown (including departments), Georgia Tech, Harvard, JHU, MIT, Trinity College, Tufts, Tulane, Union, Notre Dame, UPenn, UVA (including Resident and Non-Resident), Wake Forest and Yale. 
  • Note that Tulane and Georgia Tech have shifted from selective to very selective (Tulane now at 21% overall admit rate vs. 26% last year, Ga Tech at 23% overall vs. 26% last year).
  • Admissions data updated for lots of schools to the 2016-17 CDS: 403 of 419 schools are on Class of 2020 or 2021 admission profiles and admit rates (96%).
  • Added Hampton University
  • Updated test optional information

To see how these changes affect your plan, please clear your browser cache and rerun College Kickstart. 

Just a reminder once again that admission requirements and deadlines will be updated over the summer when the institutions we cover finalize this information for fall applicants.  You'll be able to tell when the Application Season field changes from 2016-17 to 2017-18 in the Application Requirements view.

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